Village Of Poland

Flooding Event Information

July 09, 2013

July 7, 2013

                                                Flooding Event Information

  • Make an emergency supply kit-have enough food, water, medication, and other necessities to sustain you, your family and pets for at least 7-10 days.
  • Notify a friend or family member that lives out of the area if you have to evacuate or relocate.
  • Listen to directions and emergency instructions issued by your local county emergency officials.
  • Keep the power off until an electrician has inspected your system for safety. 
  • Electric, gas, plumbing and sanitary systems in your house may have been damaged or affected by the flood. This may affect indoor air quality. If you smell natural gas or sulfur odors DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING. Call 911.
  • Boil water until authorities tell you that your water supply is safe.
  • If you have more oil than can be absorbed by a few absorbent pads you must contact the DEC Spills Hotline- 1-800-457-7362 to request assistance. Do not start oil fired furnaces or boilers until they are checked by a service technician.
  • If your home suffered damage, call your insurance agent to file a claim. Take photos of any flood water in your home and items you have to dispose of,  make a list of damaged or lost items and keep an inventory. 
  • Flood waters may contain substances that are harmful to your health. Keep your skin clean by washing with soap and disinfected or boiled water.


For more information, questions and assistance call the Herkimer Flood hotline at 315-547-3011, or Office for the Aging/NY Connects at 315-867-1415 or visit our website at ; go to departments, then Office for the Aging. 

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